Magpakailanman S6 Ep. 2: When Love Conquers All

2018 • 1 hr

Will Dasovich and Alodia Gosiengfiao lived very different lives. Will lived in America while Alodia was staying in the Philippines. Alodia was into cosplaying since she was a child, but constantly weirded out her schoolmates because cosplaying was not a normal thing. Will was a vlogger that wanted to go to the Philippines, the hometown of his mom. They were both successful in their fields and were one day nominated in the Influence Asia Awards in Malaysia where they bumped into each other in the airport. Will won the award for this contest and he talked to Alodia after the event which started their friendship and communication. During a cosplay event, Will asks Alodia if he could bring her home, and as a sign of thanks, Alodia took him to her favorite place where they also constantly hanged out and this deepened their relationship.

Janine Gutierrez • Tom Rodriguez
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