Life's a Beach S1 Ep. 8: Dumaguete Part 2

2019 • 31 mins

There are more places to explore in Dumaguete that will surely surprise many; the city�s food scene is fast becoming a vibrant treat among the locals and visitors alike who now have a wide variety of culinary choices.The city also hosted an annual Dragonboat Race and the pair got a chance to meet some local dragonboat teams. They also managed to try this sport, despite Margo�s inappropriate outfit. The newly-found BFFs also explored the volcanic town in Valencia City to visit its hotsprings and the majestic Casaroro Falls. Finally, a visit to Dumaguete would not be complete without meeting the city�s most colorful tour guide � Angelo Villanueva aka Divaguete! He treated them with a day tour of the holy grail of divers in the Visayas � the Apo Island. At the end of their trip, Margo and Will realize how spectacular this province is � not just with its scenic and natural wonders but also the people whom they met and become friends with.

Nico Faustino
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