Born to be Wild S9 Ep. 63

2018 • 19 mins

In Marinduque, residents of Barangay Isidro consider Philippine macaques as a nuisance to their crops while other locals keep monkeys as pets. But when once-cute baby monkeys grow bigger, they become more aggressive and dangerous to the pet-keepers. This is why taking them from the wild is discouraged. Doc Ferds aids in the retrieval of one such macaque and finds that it is obese and in need of medical attention. Bees live in a complex and very organized community. In a beehive, each bee plays a role. But to humans, we only see them as honey providers. Little do we know that without bees, humans can barely survive. Doc Nielsen and the team film how bees work and literally offer their lives to carry-out their assigned tasks, and to make sure that we have flowers and forests continually in bloom.

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