Born to be Wild S9 Ep. 62

2018 • 20 mins

Residents of Laguna complain of janitor fish that have invaded their rivers. Not only do these fish affect the livelihood of fishermen, the janitor fish also digs holes in the soil which can cause the collapse of houses nearby. Once thought to help clean aquariums, these fish now pose a very real threat to the ecology of Laguna de Bay and other waterways in the country. They are colourful and tranquil creatures, making our moods light and happy. But did you know that butterflies only live for around 30 to 40 days? They may have short lives but their contribution to the environment is immense. Doc Ferds travels to Marinduque to document their life cycle up close. Using macro lenses, the butterfly's transformation is caught on camera.

Doc Ferds Recio • Doc Nielsen Donato