Born to be Wild S9 Ep. 54

2017 • 20 mins

Doc Ferds made a 150 feet vertical descent to enter the Guano cave and explore its rich wildlife. He had a close encounter with the bats and decomposers inside the cave. Doc Ferds found out that the Guano cave is a great example of a balanced ecosystem for every animal does their part, even the decomposers living inside the cave. They consume the guano and produce soil rich in nutrients. Gigantes Island has been a tourist destination because of its clear waters, white sand and amazing lime stone formations. Aside from being a travel spot, the island is also a niche of unique wildlife. After hours of searching inside a cave in Gigantes Island, Doc Nielsen finally spots a Gigantes Limestone Gecko. Their species are endemic in the island and are vulnerable to extinction.

Doc Ferds Recio • Doc Nielsen Donato