Born to be Wild S9 Ep. 67

2018 • 21 mins

Doc Nielsen and the team explore the different islands in the Babuyan Group. While out at sea, Doc Nielsen notices an empty boat. Out of curiosity, the team approaches the vessel. To their surprise, they discover that the empty boat belongs to octopus fishers who are deep below the sea in search of their elusive catch. The fishermen dive without tanks to up to thirty feet below to catch the octopus as sustenance. Doc Ferds visits a community where humans and saltwater crocodiles thrive side by side. In Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte, a community living near the mangroves where saltwater crocodiles live has found a way to co-exist with these ancient predators. How exactly do they do it? Learn more about the Buwa-ga of Surigao.

Doc Ferds Recio • Doc Nielsen Donato