Born to be Wild S9 Ep. 45

2018 • 19 mins

Doc Nielsen and the team are chasing after one of the biggest wildlife events in the world. From Serengeti, Tanzania to Maasai Mara, Kenya, about two million wildlife species migrate from July to October to look for food. And one of the most famous animals that participate in this occurrence is the wildebeest. Millions of wildebeest need to cross the river in Maasai Mara. But not all of them will survive, as predators await their arrival. Hippos and crocs wait at the river. Every year, thousands of greater flamingos flock to the United Arab Emirates to escape the winter in other countries. Doc Ferds observes their behavior in Al Wathba wetland reserve. Formerly dry land, the area was transformed into the greater flamingos' habitat. Not only do Doc Ferds and his team film the flamingos' interesting behavior, they also capture footage of juvenile flamingos, proof that the area has become a breeding ground for these bright, magnificent birds.

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