Running Man - 9 Years of Running Man: Running Man 9th Anniversary Fan Meeting

2019 • 1 hr 22 mins

Group dance, theme song lyrics, and artist collaboration! Eight members have been preparing fiercely for the fan meeting for three months! Finally, the long-awaited fan meeting! The fancy curtain rises! The group dance practice scene where the members had a mental breakdown! Kim Jong-kook & Jeon So-min's difficult couple choreography. Song Ji Hyo & Jeon So Min's unpredictable sexy dance! Will the members be able to finish their group dance practice safely? There's a spy hiding at the fan meeting. Members are in confusion after hearing the truth! Each of the audience's cheers must be over 120 decibels to get a hint! The members, on their journey to the fan meeting, can't relax even for a second. Who is the spy who turned the peaceful fan meeting upside down?

Yoo Jae-suk • Haha • Ji Suk-jin • Kim Jong-kook • Lee Kwang-soo • Song Ji-hyo • Jeon So-min • Yang Se-chan • Go Ara • Jung Il-woo • Kwon Yul • Park Hoon