Running Man - Jong-kook's Day: The hero on the mountain tiger's birthday party

2019 • 1 hr 21 mins

Happy Jongkook Day! Kim Jong Kook's birthday race! Running Man's Tiger! We invite you to Kim Jong-kook's birthday party! Of Kim Jong-kook! By Kim Jong-kook! For Kim Jong-kook! Special Gift Picking Race! Who will have the honor of paying the tiger's super-luxury birthday present? If you lose the game, you have to swipe your own credit to pay for the the luxurious gift that Kim Jong-kook chose!! As long as it's not me! Fool the quick-witted Kim Jong-kook! There's a bloody fight of the eight to avoid paying for the gift..! Who will be the hero of Kim Jong-kook's birthday present?

Yoo Jae-suk • Haha • Ji Suk-jin • Kim Jong-kook • Lee Kwang-soo • Song Ji-hyo • Jeon So-min • Yang Se-chan • Go Ara • Jung Il-woo • Kwon Yul • Park Hoon