Running Man - Protect your mom: Another ugly rice cake!

2019 • 1 hr 23 mins

"You who are a bad kid to your mother, bear the weight of the rice cake." If you lose the game and if you are hated by your mother, you get more rice cakes. As the weight of the rice cake increases, the fear for the punishment comes. To avoid adding rice cake, you need a name tag of someone else's kid! Starting with the kids who've been wandering all over the neighborhood to find a name tag, from mother's desperate smack in the backs to protect the family..!

Yoo Jae-suk • Haha • Ji Suk-jin • Kim Jong-kook • Lee Kwang-soo • Song Ji-hyo • Jeon So-min • Yang Se-chan • Go Ara • Jung Il-woo • Kwon Yul • Park Hoon