Biyahe Ni Drew S4 Ep. 41: Culasi, Antique Part 4 of 4

2016 • 12 mins

Three hours away by boat ride from Malalison is the island of Seco. It is only 1.5 kilometres big, but it provides white beaches and crystal blue green waters that could outrival some of the most famous beaches in the country. Snorkelling and sunbathing are some of the activities that you can do in this protected area. For people who want to experience the feeling of solitude surrounded by nature, 20 to 30 minutes of walk from Malalison would land you in the small island of Nablag. What better way to end our adventure but to try and reach the top of the island of Malalison. The rules for trekking here are simple: take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but prints. You wouldn�t want to destroy such a beautiful area, would you?

Drew Arellano