Discover Eats S1 Ep. 8: Subic

2017 • 21 mins

Subic is a smorgasbord of different cuisine from home-cooked Filipino favorites to the most elaborate continental dishes. And first on our list is one of the newest restaurants that serves authentic crab and belly in their menu. Whether you�re a solo diner or a big family Crab and Belly can surely accommodate you, it also gives a fifty�s diner vibe with fresh off the catch menu that truly attracts its customers. They offer eat-all-you-can crab and shrimp all day and even group packages that is truly a value for money. After a delicious seafood meal Discovereats visited another popular place in Subic. Meat Plus Caf� is a popular fast-food style steakhouse, with its laid back ambiance and an impeccable choices of steak products, it became a favorite casual hangout place for friends and family. Subic is a great spot to trek or camp with friends, and there is a place where you can learn some survival training. Jest camp has been teaching people how to make fire, shelter and even food using resources around you. Clang met with a third generation Aeta Jest camp instructor Nomer. He showed us how to make utensils out of bamboo and even make fire. He also taught us how to cook rice and sinampalukang manok dish in a bamboo. From survival training to basic culinary techniques, we went back to the city to take a bite at subic bay�s night life. We found ourselves in the charming and welcoming ambiance of nineteen twenty five Gastropub. This Is a place for those would like to try and get a taste of Subic night life with their amazing cocktails and international food with a Filipino kick. The night is still young and a few blocks away we found a restaurant that�s serves Japanese food, a culinary line, which following among pinoys has been steadily growing. Subic is truly an excellently managed destination, an upbeat yet relaxing place where nature co-exist with the well planned modern attractions assuring a fantastic time for everyone.

Clang Garcia
Ana Puod
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