Discover Eats S1 Ep. 5: Malolos

2017 • 23 mins

Travelling to Malolos City is made easy by the North Luzon Expressway. Our first stop is the Famous Barasoain Church. Built in 1888 this Iconic structure has been the cradle of democary. Aside from its historical places Malolos is also a home for some authentic Bulacan heritage cuisine. Bistro Malolenyo offers heritage dishes and was kind enough to show us how they make their famous Hamon Bulakenya. We also tried their Pinaso, a festive Bulacan dessert that require a lot of sugar and fire. Our next stop was at Mercy�s Original Empanada de Kaliskis. The name came from its flaky and ripple-like crust a result of creatively folding the dough to creates layers and then deep fried to perfection. Famous among locals and even our national hero Jose Rizal, Mercy�s Empanada is here to stay passing down the family guarded recipe from one generation to another. Not far from Mercy�s Empanada is the Bautista Mansion. The rich and illustrados during the Spanish era used to hold lavish parties and celebrations. Known for its great architecture and interior design it is also known for some recipes served during parties and meetings of President Emilio Aguinaldo Our tour of Malolos continues with more of its sweet delicacies. Goryo Kakanin is the famous maker of Buchi or Kalamay Latik, also known as Kalamay Pasko. They used to make sweet delicacies like this during Christmas hence the name for the rice cake Pastillas De Leche is another famous Bulacan delicacy. A sweet delicacy made from carabao�s milk wrapped in an intricately designed and colorful Borlas wrapper. Clang met with Naty Ocampo who taught us how make these beautiful Borlas wrappers. Our adventure in Malolos won�t be complete without a visit to Eurobake Caf� for some Pastries. We met with Richard Poblete Ramos who told us how Eurobake started and letting us taste some of the delicious products that they offer

Clang Garcia
Ana Puod
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