Discover Eats S1 Ep. 6: Cavite

2017 • 21 mins

Clang was joined by the President of the Culinary Historians of the Philippines Ige Ramos and together they start their adventure inside Cavite�s wet market. Aside from the raw and fresh produce, the public market in Cavite is also abundant in unique fusion of food like the Pancit Puso, Kalamay na Ube and Torta de Cangrejos Next on our list was the ancestral home of the Tahimic Family. As one of the oldest mansions in Cavite it has been converted into a quaint dining place for locals and tourists. They serve dishes like the Calandracas and Paella Negra. Their second floor will give you a break from the old fashioned Casa Real, as the Pink Table gives out a millennial vibe from the romantic interiors and pink decorative theme. They offer an amazing line pastries and desserts and they let us try their popular Churros. Clang met with Jojo Dizon, owner of Dizon Bakery and the great grandchild of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to have a tour of their bakeshop and have a taste of their famous Kesong Puti. It started in 1930, it has long been famous for its Kesong puti, a cheese made from carabao�s milk, best served with a freshly baked pandesal. Another must see place in Cavite is the Baloy�s Bakeshop, famous for their ensaimada de Mallorca

Clang Garcia
Ana Puod
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