Discover Eats S1 Ep. 2: Binondo

2017 • 22 mins

Discovereats take a trip to the oldest Chinatown in the country, and there� a culinary walking tour that is a hit among local and even foreign tourists.Ivan Man Dy showed us the beauty and delicious cuisines binondo can offer. First on his list is the famous Sincerity Restaurant, known for its delicious fried chicken and Filipino-Chinese influenced dishes. Another go to store for Pancit is Awi�s Restaurant. And just like sincerity, this place has been running for more than fifty years. Binondo became a permanent settlement for Chinese immigrats who converted to Catholicism, and walking through the streets of Binondo, we went to the busy street of Carvajal where a hidden snack restaurant is located. Items on the menu are heirloom recipes and most of the employees have been working here since it first opened. Because of its Chinese origins, some food that are being served are actually for good fortune. During the afternoon elder Chinese folks gather at a certain place to share their siesta meal over coffee and to chat with friends. Sa Lido Restaurant is known for their best-selling hot beverages. And our day won�t be complete without stopping by Ho land for some good Hopia and delicious take away treats.

Clang Garcia
Ana Puod
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