Discover Eats S1 Ep. 3: Malabon

2017 • 23 mins

In 2014 a new way to experience Malabon was lauched. The Malabon Tricycle Tours was a brainchild of Melissa Oreta taking tourists to several heritage sites and dining experience to local eateries. Our first stop is in Lugaw Experience. A rice porridge dish that customers have to make appointment prior to going to the eatery. Not far is a house built in 1940�s, the family made fortune making the famous Malabon Patis or Fish Sauce. The city is known for Pancit and Pichi Pichi and one of the best restaurants serving these delicacies is Milflores Dine In. We met with Chef Melissa Oreta as she showed us how to prepare the famous Pancit Malabon. Along the streets of General Luna, we foiund a culinary treasure. Crisy Pata or Pig Trotters or knuckles deep fried to perfection, Jamicos is one place in Malabon that has been serving delicious crispy pata since 1970. Next on our tour is an ancestral house that has been converted to a restaurant, serving Tapang Kabayo or cured horse meat. Macy Nepumuceno Paguio showed us around the ancestral house that was buit in the 1900�s. the younger Nepumucenos maintained the house and they were generous enough to serve us their heirloom recipes The Tricycle tour�s last stop is in Hazel�s Puto. Famous for their desserts and native delicacies. A variety of fluffy rice cakes, from a rice cake topped with salted egg to another one filled with meat guaranteed to complete your whole dining experience. Another great place to visit is Dolors Kakanin, they offer colorful sapin-sapin, Kutsinta, Biko and Cassava. The colorful Bilao of glutinous rice cake is a must have during special occasions.

Clang Garcia
Ana Puod
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