Discover Eats S1 Ep. 7: Pampanga

2017 • 21 mins

In this episode Discovereats goes to the Pampanga. Known as the Culinary Center of the Philippines, located in the heart of Central Luzon. One of the most visited dining place in Pampanga, Aling Lucing is popular for their Sisig. Made from the parts of a pig�s face and liver served hot and sizzling on an iron plate. Clang met with Aling Lucing�s daughter Zenaida who talked about their humble beginnings and how they reinvented the old Kapampangan dish to the modern sisig we enjoy today. Our journey continues to another culinary jewel from this Province, leading us to Bale Dutung. A humble abode of one of the leading culinary artist in the country . we were welcomed by Chef Claude Tayag to give us a deeper understanding of the Kapampangan cuisine and a taste of the internationally acclaimed dish his �kare-kareng dagat� This antique looking house was built using materials from old churches, bowling alleys and recycled wood designed to level up the dining experience of its customers looking for an authentic Kapampangan food. Pampanga attracted and acquired foreign flavors and became an international hub for global palate. We visited Quest by Mimosa in Clark Pampanga to meet with a German chef and check out his spin on the Kapampangan taste. Chef Heiko Ritchell served us delicious dishes that is truly a fusion of Kapampangan cuisine and international dishes suited to cater to locals and foreign visitors. Our trip won�t be complete without the treats of rice delicacies or snacks widely known as �Pasalubong�. Susie�s cuisine in Nepo mart offers a variety of snacks and rice delicacies that anyone can bring home to. Myra Feliciano, manager of susie�s cuisines explained to us how Tibok-tibok is made and how it got its name. Our journey may have scratched off just the surface of what Kapampangan cuisine is all about giving us more reasons to come back, and the experience we had in this trip speaks volume about the province�s culinary heritage. From the various cultural heritage, to peoples ingenuity, hard work and love for the family, Kapampangan food is a feast that is meant to be shared and celebrated.

Clang Garcia
Ana Puod
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