Basketball Science S1 Ep. 9: Crossover Part 2

2017 • 7 mins

Crossover � This episode will breakdown one of the most effective moves to evade a face-up defender. How does one execute a pretty crossover to blow by an opponent�s defense? What are the dribbling variations, as well as head and feet movements, needed to come up with a nasty ankle-breaker? How does one combine a crossover move with an effective outside shot, be it a step-back or pull up triple or jumper, or a drive to the hoop? Inversely, how does a defender stop a crossover off its tracks?

Alex Cabagnot • Roi Sumang • La Revilla • Herc Callanta • Eric Reyes • Leo Austria • Jonny Abarrientos • Leo Isaac • Chris Gavina
Bingo Cregencia
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