Biyahe Ni Drew S4 Ep. 39: Negros Occidental Part 2 of 4

2016 • 6 mins

Mabinay town is considered the Cave Capital of the Philippines mainly because of its estimated 400 plus caves. Among the most accessible and famous among tourists is the Crystal Cave. If you want to experience another fun activity, drop by the town of Valencia and try their very own form of wheels called �ligoron.� Ligoron is similar to a small bike but one that�s made of wood. After enjoying the exhilarating ride, make sure to taste Negros Oriental�s own version of espasol, the baye-baye. Instead of just mixing the ingredients like espasol, baye-baye is fried the same way as a �bukayo� in order to prolong its shelf life. It doesn�t spoil easily, making it one of the best choices to bring home as pasalubong.

Drew Arellano