Ultimate Rush S2 Ep. 7: Lady Bird

2013 • 23 mins

The ultimate athletes and ultimate filmmakers return, combined with epic Hollywood storytelling. Pulitzer Prizenominee Stephen Schiff joins forces with some of the planet’s most amazing extreme sports cinematographers to ask the ultimate questions: Why do these world-leading athletes do what they do? Why do they risk everything to achieve the unimaginable – touching targets inches above mountain rock while wingsuit flying at 120mph... hunting oceanic storms to surf the deadliest waves on earth... attempting to scale a notoriously treacherous mountain route that has never been conquered. With exclusive vertigo-inducing interviews, this HD series gets under the skin and into the minds of extreme sports pioneers Jeb Corliss, Roberta Mancino, Rush Sturges, Rafael Ortiz, Ben Brown, Jared Meehan, Bernhard Witz, Jeremy Jones, Dean Potter and others. A cinematic quest from South Africa to the Himalayas, from Switzerland to Australia, and from Tahiti to New Zealand's icy Fiordland.