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Totally babe looks that you can serve 24/7

December 12, 2020


Social media aesthetic moves that positively scream, “Ang ganda ko!” #LoveYourself  


The “I am in a shampoo commercial!” Hair Flip

Use it when… you are rocking a good hair day or if your jowa is trying to call your attention while your back is turned. 

Work the look: Put on a wide smile that reaches your eyes and gently whip your hair back and forth. (Gently! You want a nicely tousled look and not extreme bedhead.) Be careful not to get a mouthful of hair by using at least one hand to push those strands away.

You can see more of Maggie Wilson’s ganda girl moves in the lifestyle series Bloom.


The “Sakit sa bangs and sa hips but make it fashion!” Pose

Use it when… you want to show off those curves while casually hanging out indoors with friends and your maybe-sorta-kinda-crush. 

Work the look: Find a proper wall to lean against, place the arm closest to the surface on your head then position the other arm on your hip. Make sure to straighten your back and jut out your hip away from said wall. Most importantly, don’t forget to relax so it looks more natural. 

You can see more of Arianne Bautista’s ganda girl moves in the crafty series DIY Pinay.


The “Turning my daydreams into reality!” Stare 

Use it when… you want to look effortlessly chic while also flexing that you’re a deep-thinker. (What is the meaning of life?)  

Work the look: Find a comfortable spot to sit down, adjust your position so that you’re seated sideways, and give off a hundred-yard stare into the unknown. If you’re wearing a skirt, you may cross your legs instead of bringing one leg up. For the full “I’m a low-key philosopher” effect, you can do this among the greenery in the garden. 

You can see more of Sanya Lopez’s ganda girl moves in the adventure series Road Trip.


The “Too blessed to be stressed!” Stretch 

Use it when… you want to put on an attitude of gratitude while flexing that bod. You’ve worked hard to achieve everything good in your life (including that physique) so just own it!

Work the look: Put your hands in the air and stretch them like you’re about to give the universe a great big hug. Do a slow turn while you’re at it! This is best seen during the daytime so you can look literally lit!

You can see more of Bianca King’s ganda girl moves in the travel series Life’s a Beach.





The “Living my best cutie foodie life” Expression

Use it when… you just cooked a delicious Click-worthy meal and want to document both the amazing feast and your makeup that’s popping!

Work the look: Grab a fork or spoon and take a small bite from your food. Then close your eyes and chew slowly while pursing your lips. 

You can see more of Cara Eriguel’s ganda girl moves in the foodie series What’s Cooking?


For more ganda girl looks, check out Daily Dose’s TrueID Babes video!


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