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Harden, Irving, and Durant live up to ‘scary hours’ promise, Mavs mess up

June 1, 2021


Photo credit: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter, Dallas Mavericks/Twitter

Remember James Harden’s comments about how the “scary hours” were coming for the rest of the league upon his arrival to the Brooklyn Nets back in January?


Photo credit: James Harden/Twitter

The dude kept his word because the fear is real for players who aren’t wearing the Nets colors right now. 

The Boston Celtics witnessed the horror of going against one of the most unstoppable scorers of all time

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As if that wasn’t enough, Harden is only 1/3 of the Nets’ three-headed monster, which also includes Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. 

The Celtics still have no idea how to contain such offensive firepower as they are now down 3-1 in their best-of-seven first-round series. 

Boston narrowly avoided a sweep thanks to a 50-point explosion from Jayson Tatum in Game 3. Still, we all know the inevitable, right? 

Here’s some context on how dominating the Nets’ trio is. Durant, Irving, and Harden scored or assisted on 137 of the Nets’ 141 points in Game 4. 

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Hey, remember when the haters/Lakers fans were making fun of the Net’s Big 3 early this year? Well, who’s laughing now?

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Most of the time, it’s like Brooklyn is playing 3 against 5, and they’re still kicking their opponents’ butts. 


Photo credit: Brooklyn Nets/Twitter

While the Cs are technically still in the running, we all know they’re most likely not moving on to the next round. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Bucks are just around the corner, which should offer more of a challenge for these overpowered Nets. 

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While Brooklyn has already separated themselves from the pack, the Dallas Mavericks are on the struggle bus. Early on, it looked like Luka Doncic’s magic would be too much for the Los Angeles Clippers to handle, especially after winning two straight games on the road. 

They were primed to sweep or at least get a 3-1 advantage in their two games back in Dallas. But the young Mavs team got careless and allowed the Clippers to win the next two games on their home floor. 

Now, all the momentum is on the Clippers’ side. Talk about a wasted opportunity! While Doncic is still pretty amazing, his glaring weakness has been exposed in this series. For some reason, the usually efficient shooter somehow forgot how to make his free throws.


 Photo credit: NBA Central/Twitter

The Mavs All-Star was only making 40% of his free throws this series. He really needs to get his act together!

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That said, do you think Luka and the Mavs can recover from the backslide? 

Will there be a team brave enough to stand up against the Nets’ Big 3?

What was up with Luka missing his free throws?

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